​UPDATE: April - May - June 2017

It’s always time to celebrate and be grateful for the all the blessings we are fortunate enough to enjoy.  For many of us, one of those gifts has been our relationship with Dr. Scott Sims, the Aloha Vet, who crossed Rainbow Bridge July 25th 2015.   Scott dedicated his life to improving medical conditions for all animals: domestic, wildlife, marine and avian species.  He was progressive, innovative and totally immersed in his client’s needs. (Mostly for the 4-footed patients, but he addressed concerns for some of their 2-footed counterparts as well).  For the last 14 years of his life, he was proud to call Kauai his home and the welfare of the animals of the Garden Island became his priority. 

Gifting deserving animal welfare entities has ALWAYS been a part of Scott’s plan for his assets upon his permanent departure.  Given his unique practice, he decided instead to create a non-profit Foundation to meet the needs of his diverse clientele.  This would also offer him the opportunity to mentor young veterinarians (which he enjoyed), and share his vast knowledge with other veterinarians who might be interested in a temporary position on Kauai.  Thus, the Pegasus Foundation was born.  Scott himself selected his Board of Directors; plans expanded, details were fine tuned, clients were informed of the new project, and the first official Board meeting took place. 

At this time, we are most THANKFUL that we have chosen a very special equine veterinarian, Dr. Manny Himenes who travels to Kauai from (Oahu) on a weekly basis to serve former Pegasus clients.  He and his team, along side with Sherry Rapozo have been most accommodating.  The Pegasus Foundation is very blessed to have his team available to us on Kauai.  Dr. Scott always spoke very highly of Dr. Manny.

We would like to encourage anyone interested in our progress or in need of our services to contact us at: pegasusfoundationpr@gmail.com

Teamwork has become remarkable and essential component in making Dr. Scott’s vision a reality.

I want to thank all of you for your support and encouragement.  


The Pegasus Foundation

The Pegasus Foundation

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